I have been affiliated with the state of Oregon's Arts-In-Education Program
since 1999. The East Oregon Regional Arts Commission (EORAC) administers
the program. You will find me listed on their Artists Roster which is published
in their annual Arts-In-Education catalog or online at: ARTS EAST.

The program enables schools to host visiting professional artists for up to two weeks. Artists work with students on a program of activity that relates to the artist's own work and results in either individual artworks by each student or a group-produced artwork. Although I usually program murals as the grand finale, I am a multi-media artist and can easily adapt my program to fit the needs of individual schools and student skill levels.


meet Montana Content Standards and Oregon CIM&CAM requirements in the Arts.
The color wheel; basic color theory; pictorial composition; line; form; art history (as it relates to the project); what "visual language" is; abstract thought processes; decision making; and working       co-operatively and independently.

All of my visual art programs integrate MUSIC as one of the key elements of the creative process.

Students become aware of the inter-relationships of the visual arts to MUSIC, HISTORY, LITERATURE, SCIENCE, and MATH.

are adaptable.
I dialog with teachers to build connections with current class studies.
Math? Students learn how to do scale drawings and calculate paint
coverage. History? Science? Special studies? Let's talk!

have low supply costs.
Supplies may be as simple as crayons, pencils and paper!

Email me for information about an Artist in Residence program for your school or organization.

Please note:
My mileage to Oregon schools will be from Milton-Freewater, Oregon.
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Slater  K-5
Wheeler High
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LaPine Middle
Ontario High
Rocky Heights
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