"Hidden lake"
oil on paper
"East Cascades"
oil on paper
"Lake symphony"
oil on paper
"Layers - Blue Mountains"
oil, beewax on paper
"Ridge view - Blue Mountains"
oil on paper
"Fallow field - spring"
oil on paper
"Mountain Music"
oil on paper
"Eastern Oregon - Blue Mountains"
oil on paper
"Field edge"
oil on paper
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These are older works still available for putchase. 
This winter through spring I am focusing on creating a new body of artworks in oils and acrylics. Those works will be posted on the  "Wet Paint" page of this website. A "Wet Paint" link is listed on the site index located to the left below the page banner . I expect  to post the first of several completed but still wet paintings on the Wet Paint page sometime in February.

     Original Art for Home & Office

C. S. Poppenga
Subjects are usually sky or landscapes and most often I use oil paint either straight or with added bee's wax. But I also paint with acrylic, watercolor or soft pastel.
I create paintings on a range of supports: wood panels (such as Birch), stretched canvas, untempered masonite, sheet rock, metal and paper. I gesso-coat supports before using oil paints on  them. Water-color and soft pastels don't need a gesso-coating.unless I want to texture the gesso to create a tactile interest in the completed painting.
Brushes (all shapes, sizes -- old worn out brushes can impart interesting textures in the paint.), rags, palette knives, and anything else that can be used to apply paint. 
Soft pastels in stick form are applied directly to the ground and blending done with fingers or any "tool" that can manipulate the pastels.  

A side note: 
Soft pastel is frequently accepted in art competitions/exhibitions as part of the painting category unless a category is established specifically for soft pastel entries. I've worked in soft pastel for many years and have always referred to the resulting art as pastel paintings.
Samples  - works sold 
#001   "Powerful Storm"
Oil on gesso/acid-free paper
#002   "Winter Prairie"
Oil on gesso/acid-free paper
#004   "Cumulus Mamma Nimbus Clouds over Grain Elevators"
Oil on gesso/acid-free paper

#005  "Pendant Pass"
Oil on gesso/acid-free paper

#003   "Winter Prairie"
Oil on gesso/acid-free paper
Please note: 

This page is still under construction. Information about each painting posted here is forthcoming as I find time to edit the web site.
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