Last Website update:: August 20, 2020

This website will contain both older and new artworks. While restructuring this website, I am also reopening my Etsy shop with selected works:

NEW:   I have recently opened a gallery space at ArtPal  
                Visit there for prints of my artwork (and some of my original serigraphs.)
                Purchase directly online at  ArtPal  

NEW:  I am turning some of my original art and own photos into book cover designs. I don't 
               have many posted yet but will add more over time. At The Book Cover Designers 
               website my seller name is InkMink.

EMAIL me at: 
Website visitors please note:    
 This website is currently being revised over a period of a few weeks. 
During the revision period, some links may not work and items
you may be used to seeing might not appear. 

  I will post new works and remove this notice once the revisions are 
complete. Thank you for your patience.
     Original Art for Home & Office

C. S. Poppenga