Viet Nam -  John Noble Holcomb, Medal of Honor

The mountains between Holcomb and the Medal of Honor are those viewed from the ranch (Warren provided the photo reference.) Two of the three prisoners to Holcomb's left are the ones he had rescued from drowning. (Images based on actual photo). The Medal of Honor is depicted and positioned to symbolize that what it represents, including strong personal fortitude and values is in Holcomb's grasp. The eagle carries the medal (and what it stands for) skyward.

Captain Curry and Chief Umhowlish
Emmigrant Hill - Journey's End in Sight  (future site of Baker City, Oregon
1889 Co. F 3rd Reg


WW II - Biak Island

WW II - Biak Island

WW II - V-Mail from Biak Island

Iraq - Desert Light

Iraq - Assistance/Humanitarian
Trading for the First Horse
Images below are part of a public art commission recently completed for the US Army Armory at Baker City, Oregon.
Panel sizes are 4 ft x 8 ft and 4 ft x 6 ft..

Scroll down to see twelve panels. Two additional panels (each 4 ft x 4 ft) to be completed at later date.
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     Original Art for Home & Office

C. S. Poppenga
Mural Panels at Baker City, Oregon