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Birds in the Walla Walla River Mural. . .
Water Ouzels (also called Dippers) feed on aquatic insects that they catch while walking underwater. Here a Water Ouzel studies the water before diving in.

Water Ouzels build their nests on rock ledges close to the stream.
A female Kingfisher positions a small fish in her beak so that she can swallow it head first. (Females have a reddish belt which males lack.)

Kingfishers make their homes in burrows they dig in soft banks. Burrows can be up to six feet in length.
Great Blue Herons feed on fish, frogs and snakes. Herons build nests in treetops, congregating several nests in areas called rookeries.
Ruffed grouse frequent the river riparian zone either to drink water or to feed on the berries or buds of plants that thrive in the zone.
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